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The Maui Kitesurfing Community (MKC) was formed to promote kitesurfing safety and preserve access for kitesurfing in Maui. The MKC holds the FAA Waiver which allows kiteboarding on Maui’s North Shore within the FAA controlled Airport Zone.

Under the responsibilities of the waiver, the MKC has a duty to inform the public of the waiver’s conditions, and rules that apply to kiteboarders. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) controls the Airspace within a 5 mile radius of all major US airports. The FAA has regulations that specifically relate to and address kite flying, and forbid it within the 5 mile zone.

The FAA has issued a Waiver to MKC that allows some restricted kiteboarding activities, within certain areas. Without this FAA Waiver, all kiteboarding would be banned within a five mile radius of the Kahului Airport (OGG), which would mean all of Kanaha and Lanes.

Kanaha Sprecklesville no-fly zone

It is in the interests of all kiteboarders to respect these rules and to inform other kiteboarders. In this way we will be able to preserve our access to ride on the north shore.

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